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I'm finding working with the footer design for Joomla extremely frustrating. I am trying to create a footer with menu in modules, as seen on many sites these days.

First, I'd prefer to use already defined menus in modules, but I see no obvious way of doing that.

I then tried text boxes, hoping to use "Modules Anywhere"  - this worked, sort of.  The module style is lost and the text boxes do not hold their assigned position; they all align left over the top of each other. I saw a thread here about creating a footer similar to that on the TemplateToaster website. Tried it, but again all boxes aligned left, one on top of the others.


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There are various option to create Modules and style/layout those modules in TemplateToaster itself. To create a Footer with Menu in Modules, add Widget Area in Footer Block.

Steps: Open TemplateToaster => open Module Position tab => Click on "Widget Areas" option => Select Footer, new module with a position name will appear in Footer Block => Style Module accordingly => Export your Theme.

After installing your theme => Create a Menu from Joomla Backend => Now Click on Menus tab => Manage => all Menus with your newly created menu will listed => Click on "Add a Module for this menu" corresponding to your new Menu => Now Assign your added Module Position to this Menu.
by finalfiler (240 points)
Thanks. That sort of worked.
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