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I'm finding working with the footer design for Joomla extremely frustrating. I am trying to create a footer with menu in modules, as seen on many sites these days.

First, I'd prefer to use already defined menus in modules, but I see no obvious way of doing that.

I then tried text boxes, hoping to use "Modules Anywhere"  - this worked, sort of.  The module style is lost and the text boxes do not hold their assigned position; they all align left over the top of each other. I saw a thread here about creating a footer similar to that on the TemplateToaster website. Tried it, but again all boxes aligned left, one on top of the others.


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There are various option to create Modules and style/layout those modules in TemplateToaster itself. To create a Footer with Menu in Modules, add Widget Area in Footer Block.

Steps: Open TemplateToaster => open Module Position tab => Click on "Widget Areas" option => Select Footer, new module with a position name will appear in Footer Block => Style Module accordingly => Export your Theme.

After installing your theme => Create a Menu from Joomla Backend => Now Click on Menus tab => Manage => all Menus with your newly created menu will listed => Click on "Add a Module for this menu" corresponding to your new Menu => Now Assign your added Module Position to this Menu.
by finalfiler (460 points)
Thanks. That sort of worked.
by finalfiler (460 points)
Just an update, I continue to have have problems with this. Using the answer above the matter of positioning widgets is almost impossible, with no visual indication of where one widget is in relation to another in the footer.
Even then, when the  template is saved and previewed, all widgets align on top of each other at the left of screen.
Am I the only one who wants to position menus in the footer?
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