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The all new TemplateToaster V5 is now available with following new features and lots of improvements:

  • Bootstrap Support
  • Prestashop Support
  • Blogger Support
  • Improved Slideshow
    • New Slideshow effects
    • Multiple Effects for Foreground Images and Text Areas
  • Now Header and Slide Show are two different elements
  • Javascript Editor with Code Hinting
  • Improved CSS Editor with Code Hinting
  • New WordPress Theme Options
    • SEO Options
    • Backup and recovery
    • Maintains Mode
  • HTML Editor Improvements
    • YouTube video support
  • Responsive Menu Styles (Like Hamburger Menu)
  • Improved Drag and Drop
  • New Elements like Label/Alerts/Badges etc.
  • Complete editing control for additional Page Templates for WordPress
  • Complete Editing for all pages for HTML/CSS websites.
  • Scroll to top Button
  • Presets for each element
  • Menu styles like open on Hover, open on Click, Jusify menu items
  • Complete Editing of Responsive Views
  • WordPress Comment Styling

We highly appreciate your views for this version. You can activate TemplateToaster V5 with your existing activation key.

[Edit] 2014-10-22
TemplateToaster 5 Community Preview is updated to with many bug fixes. It also solves File open issue.

[Edit] 2014-11-11
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-19
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-20
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-22
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-26
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-29
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-12-03
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-12-04
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2015-01-01
TemplateToaster V5 has been released, you can download the latest v5 version here.

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By the way: in the help files of the newest version 5 the responsive checkbox is still mentioned... hmm..
And I tried to open two non-responsive-projects from version 4 - no problem, but in the responsive-tab nothing works: no preview to control how it will look...
by iceferret (3.3k points)
Found a menu problem when viewing on a mobile. Template renders fine, drop down or slideLeft main menu works, however a menu item with a sub menu is unresponsive.
Again in mobile view, checkboxes and radio buttons disappear.
by mkwdmike (2.0k points)
You told me, in reply to a problen with v4, to load v5 and it will be ok.

V5 is far from ready - it\'s failing to save many of the changes to templates or failimng to implemement changes.

It\'s really a bag of shit and I can\'t understand why you have people writing that it\'s great in this discussion -when it\'s not doing anything right.
You should concentrate on getting v4 to work and then consider finishing v5
You didn\'t need much help to take my money - so play the game.
I have now wasted a day and a half doing your testing - now get a grip. You shouldn't be taking the piss and giving us the run around.
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Sorry for the inconvenience. Please enlist the issues which you are facing with TemplateToaster V5, so that we can help you better.
by iceferret (3.3k points)
While I can't agree with V5 being shite it's far from ready and still has to many faults to be used other than for testing. It is still only in beta so that's expected.
I've listed a few that I've come across in previous posts....
What is lacking is more communication with us, your customers. There was a thread a while back about keeping the V4 changelog updated. This happened for a while but hasn't been current since around June...this is not good. :(
Anyway, back to V5. How are you doing with the problems that some of us have highlighted so far :?:
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Thanks for the feedback, we are continuously fixing all the bugs that we are getting from all V5 users.
Slideshow in heade is not responsive, is that a error ???
by maskatar (520 points)
bug since I was using version 4, an ordered list and unordered list

I hope to get a neater appearance

[ img ]
by rootz (180 points)
TemplateToaster V5 supports Prestashop 1.6.x....... can u please describe what problem actually you are facing?


it keeps telling me incorrect config file.

Any ideas?

kind regards,
by sarah (15.2k points)
bug since I was using version 4, an ordered list and unordered list

Issue has been solved in TemplateToaster Version 5. Please try to use the latest version of TemplateToaster from our downloads page.
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