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The all new TemplateToaster V5 is now available with following new features and lots of improvements:

  • Bootstrap Support
  • Prestashop Support
  • Blogger Support
  • Improved Slideshow
    • New Slideshow effects
    • Multiple Effects for Foreground Images and Text Areas
  • Now Header and Slide Show are two different elements
  • Javascript Editor with Code Hinting
  • Improved CSS Editor with Code Hinting
  • New WordPress Theme Options
    • SEO Options
    • Backup and recovery
    • Maintains Mode
  • HTML Editor Improvements
    • YouTube video support
  • Responsive Menu Styles (Like Hamburger Menu)
  • Improved Drag and Drop
  • New Elements like Label/Alerts/Badges etc.
  • Complete editing control for additional Page Templates for WordPress
  • Complete Editing for all pages for HTML/CSS websites.
  • Scroll to top Button
  • Presets for each element
  • Menu styles like open on Hover, open on Click, Jusify menu items
  • Complete Editing of Responsive Views
  • WordPress Comment Styling

We highly appreciate your views for this version. You can activate TemplateToaster V5 with your existing activation key.

[Edit] 2014-10-22
TemplateToaster 5 Community Preview is updated to with many bug fixes. It also solves File open issue.

[Edit] 2014-11-11
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-19
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-20
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-22
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-26
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-29
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-12-03
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-12-04
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2015-01-01
TemplateToaster V5 has been released, you can download the latest v5 version here.

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by pro-zocker (720 points)
thanks for the new beta.

Found first bug. You see, the mobile nav menu expander is in normal desktop mode. So the normal menu doenst show. I used default template from wordpress!
by sarah (15.2k points)
Please open a ticket at support and attach the ttr file.
by lifeok (1.4k points)
what is prestrshop module position ???
by james (5.3k points)
Prestashop provides inbuilt modules position or you can say hooks. To transplant a module in desired hook you have to go to Prestashop Dashboard -> Modules -> Positions -> Transplant a module.
by lifeok (1.4k points)
Dear Ok its hook

You are use joomla for TT software you can manage position
open TT software >> Module Position >> and you can customizes position if you need

yes all want
same us prestashop hook position

you have develop it ?
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)

TemplateToaster 5 beta is available for download. You can download it from ... oaster.exe

TemplateToaster Team
by iceferret (3.3k points)
The beta seems to be working well and I haven't found any major problems so far. Import of previous designs from TT4 and export of TT and zip files is good, a couple of observations though.
Opening the java or Css editor is slow, add a please wait timer?
Could do with an auto setting on text box width otherwise all text boxes are a fixed percentage overruling other components in Joomla. Auto fixes this
The words 'joomla template' appear just before the designed by and isnt removable

by iceferret (3.3k points)
Having a play around redesigning a Joomla site with V5 today.
I like that you can apply the transition settings to each individual slide in the slideshow or choose to apply the one setting to all. :D
What I would like to see is either the slideshow scaling vertically as well as horizontally in mobile and tablet view. Possibly a setting to 'not show in mobile view' :?: The header doesn't scale in mobile view either, didn't there used to be a check box to turn this of in mobile view as well?
If it occupies a module position then it can be turned of in the Joomla backend with the No Number Advanced Module manager.
In use there is a lot of 'not responding' going on, I'm sure that'll get ironed out in time.
Otherwise its looking good!
by iceferret (3.3k points)
Updated to the latest version (6695) which is in french, Certainly added to my knowledge of the language :o
by lifeok (1.4k points)
Do you have template or them
paid or free like ... rch.Cms=17

most is layout - colors - fonts

fast download your them and open it

layout are not work or you see this link you can not do that
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