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The all new TemplateToaster V5 is now available with following new features and lots of improvements:

  • Bootstrap Support
  • Prestashop Support
  • Blogger Support
  • Improved Slideshow
    • New Slideshow effects
    • Multiple Effects for Foreground Images and Text Areas
  • Now Header and Slide Show are two different elements
  • Javascript Editor with Code Hinting
  • Improved CSS Editor with Code Hinting
  • New WordPress Theme Options
    • SEO Options
    • Backup and recovery
    • Maintains Mode
  • HTML Editor Improvements
    • YouTube video support
  • Responsive Menu Styles (Like Hamburger Menu)
  • Improved Drag and Drop
  • New Elements like Label/Alerts/Badges etc.
  • Complete editing control for additional Page Templates for WordPress
  • Complete Editing for all pages for HTML/CSS websites.
  • Scroll to top Button
  • Presets for each element
  • Menu styles like open on Hover, open on Click, Jusify menu items
  • Complete Editing of Responsive Views
  • WordPress Comment Styling

We highly appreciate your views for this version. You can activate TemplateToaster V5 with your existing activation key.

[Edit] 2014-10-22
TemplateToaster 5 Community Preview is updated to with many bug fixes. It also solves File open issue.

[Edit] 2014-11-11
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-19
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-20
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-22
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-26
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-11-29
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-12-03
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2014-12-04
TemplateToaster V5 has been updated to beta.

[Edit] 2015-01-01
TemplateToaster V5 has been released, you can download the latest v5 version here.

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by britdude (300 points)
I am quite happy to perform the role of bug tester. In fact I was waiting for version 5 before deciding to renew or not. However, as my license has recently expired, I can't actually test much. When I try and view a test Joomla template in my browser (from within TT V5) nothing happens. I wanted to see how V5 handles the lack of mobile burger menu in prior versions. The team could at least grant temp for access to V5 if they want us, their users, to help them identify bugs for free.
Wow, nice list of features! Can't wait using them! Thank you!
by kurdgul (180 points)
make your program powerful with Design Aministrator for joomla 3.
joomla administrator tempalate is very important for us because we want change our admin panel with our Idea and we want change Login style for administartor.
by iceferret (3.3k points)
Downloaded and running happily. Loads templates from version 4 without complaint. Much to like about this new version, particulary the improvement to the mobile menu. :D Does a good job on the v4 template
When I get time I'll have a redesign of one of my site templates and upload it to the localhost version of the main site. Should be interesting.
I presume we won't see a beta version for a while yet :?:
by bookmarkmns (160 points)
Version 5 looks very promising ...

I have a version 4 template that will open if I go File > Open but not if I use the Start Up screen > open project.

Expected: Template will open by either route
Observed: Start up Screen > Open project program hangs.


Happy to send template over.

Is there an official 'Bug' channel for this Preview or do we use the Issues/ Bugs?
by pro-zocker (720 points)

nice to see the V5.

Iam testing and building websites with it.

I found three bugs.

1. When i comes to the GUI (Where you can choose Wordpress, Joomla, open projcet etc.) i use Open Project, choose my project but that wont work! It doenst load. I have to go in the main programm with a new wordpress project and then i can open my saved project.

2. When i open my project, i cant choose or use my page templates (Page Template 1 and 2). I only see the menu points like about us or contact.

3. After open the project i cant export. I came to the export windows, choosing zip or directory, but i wont export.

Maybe its a problem with open project, cause much informations are no more in after open the project. All informations are gone (Options).
by semasir (440 points)
I cannot export of v5 as well, any support?
by gewa62 (300 points)
I’ve tested the german version. After a mouse-klick on the menu „Widget-area“ and „Elements“, the software crashed. The preview-function in the browsers Firefox, Safari and IE doesn’t work. So much menu entries were not translated. This is a no go! I could not find the new WordPress theme options.
by pro-zocker (720 points)
We know its a Community Preview. Lets wait for Beta / Release Candidate.
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)

TemplateToaster 5 Community Preview is updated to with many bug fixes. It also solves File open issue.

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