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I'm trying to design a site that has three columns for text, below which is an area for more text at full page width.

I assume this is achieved using the CAWidget areas and specifying the number of columns required?

TemplateToaster is already set on four columns at 25% each, and when I hover the mouse over the three column option, this previews the page showing three columns at 33.33% each. However, if I click to select this option, it actually changes the layout to 33% - 33% - 34%, reducing the first two columns and increasing the third one slightly. Is this how it is meant to be? Does it have to round up the numbers in this way when applying percentages?

Hope someone can advise.

Many thanks,


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by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
I've updated to the latest version - but the program is still not applying the widths showing for three columns in widget area when hovering over selection.

Is this a bug of some sort?

To reproduce this, click on Widget Areas > CAWidgetArea > Columns

Hover mouse over "3" and preview will then show three columns in CAWidgetArea as 33.33% each. As soon as you click to select this option, the values change to 33% - 33% and 34% ???

I know it's not a huge difference, but either the preview values are wrong or the final assigned values are wrong. Anybody got any thoughts on this? I don't seem to be able to override these numbers except by chosing widths ranging from 10 - 55 in 5px increments.
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