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Hi TT,

How the element (content) can overlay over the image above it. Is there any other way to achieve this?. See this website, where on the top of web page and within the body the content is overlapping the background images. As per source code, section tag is used.

How we can achieve the same in TT. I have not seen any TT theme which is using similar overlapping technique.


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TemplateToaster provides the option to add the Text area in the header/ menu/ slideshow/ footer. If you want to place the content above the image, you can set the background as image of that particular area and can add the text area above it. Please follow the below given steps for the same:

Go to TemplateToaster >> Select the Tab (HEADER/ MENU / SLIDESHOW / FOOTER), where you want to set the background >> Under background column you can set the background image >> And then you can add the Text area under Text Area Column >> Write your desired content in the text area.

And in case you want to add the background in the content, you can set the background image of a particular cell.
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