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I've made some changes to a theme I'm working on, but seem to have lost the search button when activating the new exported theme.

A test page can be seen here - There used to be a button for search under the input box at the top of sidebar.
It shows in TemplateToaster when I'm creating or editing the theme, but I must have clicked on something for it not to show when exported. :(

I've had a good look in TemplateToaster/ Elements/Button, but I must be missing something ?

I'd welcome some advice on this issue.

Many thanks,


EDIT. When I preview the page in Template Toaster, the preview page is showing the search button. But when I export and upload, it's gone!

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by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
I've gone ahead and opened a support ticket on this. I tried creating some other themes to test this issue, and the same problem exists. They all show the search button when previewing page in TT, but the button doesn't show after exporting and activating on a live site.

As this all started after I recently upgraded to the latest version, I suspect that a bug has crept in to cause the problem.
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please check that you have disabled the search icon in Wordpress admin
Dashboard -> Theme options -> General -> Display Search Icon In Search Widget -> Off
by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
Thank you Lisa,

That was the solution! It looks like the Search Icon set to ON is a default setting now for newly activated themes, as I've not had this problem before.

Many thanks,

by sarakhan (140 points)
My url is included, so I'm not sure what the problem is? Any advice on this would be welcome please. :)
by sarah (15.2k points)
Please state the url of your site.
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