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hello, I have a problem because I installed a theme created with templatetoaster 7 the last update and install it in wordpress 5.0 and other and when I set the seo of each page the footer disappears when I installed it was fine but on each page when the seo change disappears. I tested it in wordpress 4.9 and it works well what the problem may be already with other tests shows that it is version 5 worpress that has problems

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Please let us know the steps that generated the issue. We'll check at our end and guide you accordingly.
by mechados (140 points)
I create the wordpress template with all the data of the page and I install it and accept it so that all the data of the page in the template is transferred, that accepts it well and when seeing the page everything is seen well the information everything as it realizes in the template for wordpress. the problem arises when I open in each page to configure the seo with yoast seo I just put the title or meta description and update. the page footer desaparace.esto also happens to me with the plugin tag page I place the tags and I update the page and it disappears.It happens only in wordpress 5.0,5.1.1 from 5 onwards, install the version 4.9 and configure everything well without problems in fact now is with wordpress 4.9.

what probe: uninstall the yoast and probe with the plugin tag page and step the same and do the reverse and it is the same disappear the footer.

try other older versions as the last ones that I have originals and it is the same only solved with the version 4.9 or previous version, with the latest wordpress versions 5 onwards the footer is deleted.
I hope I do not know if it is templastertoaster, wordpress or other error.
the version I use of templastertoaster is the last updated fact probe with previous version and the same thing happened.

I wait for answer or suggestion. Thanks
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