in Wordpress Themes by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
I'm having a problem with the search widget. I've set the text colour to black for the search function, but no text shows as it is entered into the box.

You can see the problem on this page at the top right hand side under the header. - The cursor doesn't blink when clicked into the input box, and the typed phrase only appears when clicking outside of the box!

I hope someone can advise on how to fix this please?

3 Answers

by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
I've managed to fix this now. I used Firebug to find where this was in the style sheet. The color of text was set on white.

I'm still not sure where in Template Toaster the colour of text in input boxes is selected? I must have changed it by mistake when trying to affect something else. Can anyone point to where this option is in TT ?
by sarah (15.2k points)
You can set the font-color of input box from
TemplateToaster -> Elements -> Text box -> Typography -> Normal -> Color
by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
Thank you. That's great! :)
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