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I added a gif image to my website and it required a needlessly complicated workaround.

The browse window to locate the image file to add specifically lists .bmp, .png, and a few variations of.jpg images as the only ones it recognizes to add as images.  This forced me to add a needlessly slow-loading png of my image to update my website, then upload my gif separately and manually edit the html file of the page to change the image tag from "Corona.png" to "Corona.gif."

All this because I can't find any settings to adjust the software to recognize gif imags as image files to add.

How can I make such a settings change to avoid the need for such kludge in future updates of my site?  Simply saying that gif isn't supported could only be described as a product defect, considering that I might wish at some future time to add an animated image.

Just updated the software to version Professional and it still doesn't change my image.  By typing in the file name and extension of the hidden file, I can get it to pretend to update the image on the project file, but when I export it I still have the slower-loading png version instead.

And I just got a support ticket answer stating that this software is designed not to allow this standard internet image format to be used.  Be advised of this when considering purchase of it.

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Apparently the only way to include a gif image on a site in this software is to make your site with a placeholder image, say kludge.png of the same pixel dimensions as the gif you wish to use.

Then when you're otherwise ready to publish, export your website to a folder on your desktop.  Go into this folder and find the html file of the page containing the placeholder to be replaced and right-click->open with->notepad (or word pad).  When this page of code opens up to be edited, hit Ctrl-F and type kludge.png into that search window.  It should highlight it within an html image tag: href="images/kludge.png".  Overwrite kludge.png there with desired.gif and click file->save to save this edit to the code.

Then go into the images folder within that website folder, delete kludge.png and copy desired.gif into this folder.  Copy this image there.  Don't just drag your only copy of it into this folder as you'll have to repeat this export-edit mess every time you update your website for as long as you have that gif image on your site.

Then use a third-part FTP client to upload the site to your hosting account.
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Why hasn't there been an easier work around than this created?  My very old version of Globescape CuteSITE builder has no problem handling drag and drop animated gifs.  All you must do is grab the edge and stretch it to fit the area you want.  No tweaking via the "picture dialog".
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TemplateToaster if full of irritating bugs like this. When I use a video in the header it disappears after one viewing and it no longer plays in my Browsers. Allowing Gifs would certainly fix this issue.
The good news in that you can fix this error in Wordpress.
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