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Its like they give you all these Color Options at start up, but as I'm clicking on them, the "only" thing I see changing color is the Header Title and the Navbar (sometimes) And then when I go into typography and say I want to change all my HEADING texts, I will go to H1, change it to say Handlee (google font) then go to H2 and change it to Handlee, but when I go back to H1, it's Arial??? I mean, at this point I am "SO" disappointed in this software, I just want my money back so bad...I truly feel I wasted it with this software right now.

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We have checked to apply the above-mentioned Font to heading1(H1) and heading2(H2) under Elements Tab but we are unable to generate the issue at our end. Please mention the TemplateToaster version you are using at your end. To check the TemplateToaster version please Go to TemplateToaster -> File -> About.

Also, please open a support ticket at and provide screenshots of the issue. Our support team will surely resolve your issue.

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Do you one better, how about you watch this:
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Only way I've found to get there in this software is to write the content in black text, then highlight all by dragging your mouse cursor, right click-Font, click the little paint bucket icon in the middle of the typography window that opens up, select the desired color and click OK.

This for each and every page.  Of course in my case, since my website uses gold text on a black background in the content area, I also have to change that color before hand and change it back afterwards as black text on a black background just looks blank.
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