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Greeting, has anyone done a large HTML site with 50 to a 100 pages or more with Template Toaster? I know you can always split up a site and have a sub-domain with a link that looks seamless, like going to another page. Just wondering as I give T-T a good try and get too far. As T-T is a 32 bit problem, I mean program, it may not be practical.  Thanks a lot!


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Asked the same question in August of 2018 about TT being a 64 bit program and the response was:

"I have forwarded your query to our development team, if found feasible we will surely fulfill this requirement in the future version of TemplateToaster."

And obviously it's now a 64 bit program and not in the (x86) folder.

As usual, notifications, news and update notes/fixes are not at the top of the list.

(On your home page you might state the program is 64 bit or compatible with 64 or 32, etc. I did not see it. Or did I miss it?)

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