How to I make my Wordpress site dark?

asked Feb 8 in Wordpress Themes by pixstudios (120 points)
Hello Everyone!

I am working on my website for Wordpress. I would like for the website color to be dark and not light but I see no option to make the background dark. Could someone please point me in the right direction?


1 Answer

answered 4 days ago by lisa-west (30,460 points)

TemplateToaster provides the option to create custom colors under background -> more colors. You can choose any dark color for the site background. Set that color for body. Set the background color of container, content to transparent.

You can change the color of the text according to your choice. Follow the steps given below:


GENERAL tab >> Website Typography >> Make the selection according to your need >> Save.

commented 3 days ago by pixstudios (120 points)
Hi Lisa,

That was awesome! Thanks for your help!
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