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Just bought this and so far impressed, confused from some learning curve (artisteer) but excited!

SO - Here's the goal, two page templates nearly identical however one has a far larger header and two widgets inside the header.

Status - I've gotten MOST of the details down (I think) to get this on track but ran into something I can not understand / find on google.... I've made widgets in the header. I've made two page templates (using the 'Page Templates' in the bottom left) - both of those look good but....

Problem - In the upper left, is Home, About, Contact - those pages are where I can use the Widget Areas (in order to add a widget to the header of the second template that was made). How do I 'apply' the secondary template to one of those pages so that I can edit the header widgets? ----OR--- How do I edit the Widget Areas on a page template (in the bottom left)?

I hope this makes sense, new to this app by about two days and loving it, but this has me scratching my head.

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