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With Joomla blog layout i find two issues:

1. TemplateToaster makes no difference between single page and blog layout. So when i want to use different styling for the intro image in a blog or the image in a blog page this is not possible. As a workaround I have to add a css class to the blog menu item.

2. The image in a blog intro article can not be made clickable as can in the Protostar template. This issue has been forwarded in 2016 to the developers of TT but as far as I see now this issue has not been solved yet. (

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For issue 2 I found that this is more or less a Joomla thing. The image in the intro article is only clickable when the artickle title is set to clickable.

When I make the Title clickable the layout changes into the layout of the default link. Because that is not what i want, i made an override of the file layouts\joomla\content\intro_image.php and changed the following line:

<?php if ($params->get('link_titles') && $params->get('access-view')) : ?>


<?php if ($params->get('access-view')) : ?>

Now the image in the intro is clickabel and not the title.
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I have the same problem (and many more) and I've had to override TT's code to have a decent output but, if I have to write code by hand, there are no more reasons to keep using TT. sad


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