in Wordpress Themes by saypar (240 points)
Hello, I don't know if this is a bug or do I have to set something in admin panel.

Normally I can reply to a comment. But if I use a template made by TemplatetToaster there is no chance to reply to a comment. There is a reply button but when I click on it nothing happens.

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by lisa-west (35k points)

TemplateToaster provides an option to enable/disable comment form from WordPress dashboard. To enable comment form please follow the steps provided below:

Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Appearances -> Theme Options -> General -> Display Comments form -> Enable the option -> Save.

by saypar (240 points)
I had this done else it is impossible to use the general comment form.

There is a another problem. If I want to comment on a comment I click on the "Reply" link. But the comment form for reply dowsn't open. If I change to any other theme (which is not made by TT) normally a comment form opens when I click on "Reply". The child comment function for the parent comment is out of function in TT.
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