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I want to add a form over the slideshow. With CSS I have located a form where I want it, using an existing block . However, if there are future changes to the page that modify the length of the page the form will get relocated accordingly. I have also added a "Widget Area" in TT but even though it's available to use in TT, it doesn't seem to do anything in Drupal.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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TemplateToaster provides an option to create widget areas above/below Header/Menu/Slider/Footer, TemplateToaster also provides an option to draw widget areas within Header/Menu/Slider/Footer. To create a widget area inside slider please follow the steps provided below:

Go To TemplateToaster -> Areas -> Draw Positions -> Widget Areas -> Select slideshow from dropdown.

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Yes, thank you but as I said in my question I tried that. That didn't export as a block region in Drupal 7. It doesn't export as anything in Drupal 7, that I can find.
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To be thorough the .info file does have:

regions[slideshowposition1] =SlideShowPos1

and the page.tpl.php does have:

$showslideshowposition= !empty($page['slideshowposition1']);
<?php if($showslideshowposition): ?>
<div class=slideshowposition1>
<?php print render($page['slideshowposition1']); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

However, nothing is rendered in the blocks admin area, nor the block demonstration area, nor in the pull-downs to select a block region.
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