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I'm evaluating Template Toaster before purchasing.

I'm getting to know how this software works and like it a lot at the moment.

However, when i run a site preview in either Firefox or Chrome, the menu and other elements of the page jump / flicker each time i click on a menu item and the page or a new page is loaded.

1. Why is this?

2. How do I stop it from happening?


2 Answers

by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Are you using Google Fonts in the template/website ?
by marco76 (140 points)
I have the same problem as described above (and yes, I use google fonts).
by marco76 (140 points)
still no answer to the questions?
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
As Google fonts are loaded through the script so the flickering of the text is due to the time taken by the script while loading.
TemplateToaster provides an option to browse and use custom fonts, to avoid Google font flickering issue you can download the google font and browse them as the custom font in TemplateToaster typography dialog box. In this case font will be loaded from your own server, it may take less time as compared to the time taken while loading through google font server.
by marco76 (140 points)
thank you very much for your answer! very helpful.
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