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My photos have identical aspect ratios, I've made sure they're the same size (width and height), checked that the float settings on each are the same, and that the "margin" and "padding" settings are also identical. The photos - to the naked eye - appear identical in size in their current places.

However, if I place pictures with identical properties in 4 empty cells in a row, I sometimes end up with the gap between them being inconsistent and/or them not being aligned horizontally. I've made sure there's no text I can't see or any "blank lines" of text in the boxes that might be throwing things off, tried different photos, and double checked the properties, padding, and margin of the photos and the cells, and row they're in.

I'm brand new to this program and obviously overlooking something simple - especially since I can't seem to find this topic on the discussion forum already. Any ideas for me? Thanks!

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