Show Breadcrumbs On Page/Show Breadcrumbs On Post

asked Apr 26 in Wordpress Themes by markus_ga (840 points)
edited Apr 26 by markus_ga

A question and probably a small bug.

The program is running quite well now. :)

Is it possible to turn on only "Show Breadcrumbs On Post"? 

This switch (on or off) shows no effect. please test.

"Breadcrumbs On Page" enable on everything pages, of course, I need Breadcrumbs only on a Blog (post). 

1 Answer

answered Apr 30 by lisa-west (27,440 points)
Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, we have generated the issue at our end. We will soon provide you an updated build of TemplateToaster v7.
commented May 1 by markus_ga (840 points)
Thank you TemplateToaster-Team, the Bug is fixed in the newest version.
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