Importing my logo (which is high res) makes it look ugly and low-res ?

asked Feb 24 in Wordpress Themes by vincent152 (120 points)
Upon importing my logo via Menu>Logo>Import my high-res logo is reduced to a low-res, non-sharp picture that doesn't resemble anything like the sharpness of the other preloaded logo's. How is this possible ? And more important; How can I fix this ?
I'd be happy to export the logo upfront with settings you advice, if I can make sure the import process doesn't make it look bad again. I tried both importing a png and jpg version of my logo, both times no luck.

1 Answer

answered Feb 26 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

Please mention which version of TemplateToaster you are using either TemplateToaster version 6 or version 7 beta. In case you are using TemplateToaster version 6 please make sure you are using latest version of TemplateToaster i.e version

In case you are facing this issue with TemplateToaster version 7 beta please open a support ticket at with your logo image attached so that we can check for the issue and guide you accordingly.

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