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asked Feb 15 in Wordpress Themes by vendors159 (120 points)
If you look at "askcontacts.com", contact section. You can see:
1) The form labels are very close to the fileds. How and where do I chage this?
2) The Google "reCAPTCHA" is aligned left. How do I align it to the right?

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answered Feb 19 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

TemplateToaster provide option to set Contact form label's alignment to either right or left. To set contact form label's alignment to left, please follow the steps provided below:
Go to TemplateToaster -> Double click the contact form to edit -> Label Typography -> Alignment -> Left -> Save.
To set Google "reCAPTCHA" alignment to right, please follow the steps provided below:
Go to WordPress backend -> Appearance -> Theme options -> General -> Custom CSS -> paste the css given below -> Save.
.form-horizontal .form-group:nth-last-child(3) .col-sm-8 {
float: right;

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