The latest ( beta version keep crashing

asked Feb 13 in Issues/Bugs by fareed61 (120 points)

I have installed the latest beta version ( and its keep crashing whenever I try to edit the color scheme. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

1 Answer

answered Feb 14 by lisa-west (27,440 points)

We have forwarded your query to our development team. Our development team is looking for your issue. As soon as the issue will be generated at our end we will inform you soon regarding same.

commented Feb 16 by harryedvardsen (150 points)
Export Joomla template and the preview in browser doesn't work in TT beta version (
And it crashes if you want to insert a new module position.

Hope this will be fixed!
Because it's useless right now!

commented Apr 4 by pmadhava63 (140 points)
TT ver 7.0 Beta has more features than Ver 6.0. But very frequently when I add some changes, it stops working. After lots of design done, when it hangs, lost whatever done. Any fix for this.
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