Where to set the featured image size for a WordPress theme?

asked Jan 23 in Wordpress Themes by mikati (700 points)

Hi TT,

Once I asked this question, but haven't got a satisfactory answer. On several forums they say that featured image size is defined by the theme. How and where can I define that size in a TT theme? Could you please advise? (I know how to add a featured image from WordPress dashboard, my question is not that.)

Thank you.

1 Answer

answered Jan 24 by lisa-west (27,440 points)

Currently TemplateToaster does not have any option to set custom size for WordPress featured image. Featured image customize functionality is under consideration for future versions. We will provide this functionality in future versions of TemplateToaster.

commented Jan 24 by mikati (700 points)
Hi Lisa, Thanks for your answer. It would be really nice if we could set the size and the position of the featured image in a WordPress theme. I asked the same question last year, so I guess this new feature has been under consideration since then.
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