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Could anyone publish a website with templatetoaster 6 or 7?

Templatetoaster 6 is always crashing, version 7 has SOO many bugs, that it is unpossible to publish a website with it.

Unfortunately I bought Templatetoaster and after 6 months working with it I cannot publish one site. I am writing this post to get rid of my frustration. In templatetoaster it looks good, but as soon as you export it and import it into wordpress it ends up in a mess.

So, could anyone publish a website with templatetoaster? If yes, send a link to the website.

If you are interested in buying templatetoaster - dont do it!

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by student-donald (1.8k points)
Have published several times using TT7 for a HTML site, no problem.  As this is your 1st post why haven't you been asking for help?  Have you put in any support tickets? Also if there was a problem with WP I think there would be a several complaints. See what Lisa, the team or a kind user can do to help. Post your problem with details.

by mbrsolution (240 points)

@paul6552, you can publish  themes created with both Template Toaster 6 and 7 into WordPress. What you have to do first is understand how this software works. Then spend some time understanding the process of exporting from template toaster and then importing into WordPress.

However if you are having some issues, it is always best to report what the problem is. For example are you receiving errors when you import the theme into WordPress? Did you try to import the theme with all your plugins disabled? Which version of WordPress are you currently using? 

The above are just a few examples of ways to troubleshoot issues between WordPress and template toaster. Let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck.

Kind regards

by jason41 (380 points)
I've used TT for a few years now, no crashing problems and no problem using it to create sites (I have dozens built using TT to make new themes).

Yes TT makes it a lot easier to make a site, but just like anything, not everyone will be successful with every tool. If in 6 months, you can't make one site, maybe you're just not capable of it without some training. I often tell people, WordPress is both the best and worst site structure out there. It's the best, when done right by someone with enough knowledge, it's the worst when done by someone who thinks it's going to be automatically simple and "anyone can do it" with time spent learning how to do it well.
by paul6552 (520 points)

Holy crap.

It is not a problem of wordpress. These are all bugs from templatetoaster:

For example:

Menu is not working on mobile browsers. If you have 10 Subpages of a menu point you can`t scroll the menu down.

Hyperlinks are not working if you set them on pictures (Parse error)

If you insert a button and link to internal pages was not working the last 5 months. (I think this is a critical feature, no one is working with buttons??)

Footer-Icon Hyperlink is never saved. It is every time set back to www.templatetoaster.

These are only a few bugs.

And if someone telling me that version 6 is NOT crashing, then you have no idea about templatetoaster or you are an employe of this company.

by jason41 (380 points)
I am certainly not an employee of this company. I've been using the software for a couple years now and have not experienced crashes. I've used TT on Win 7 (AMD cpu) and Win10 (Intel cpu) and have not had issues on either one. No idea why yours would be crashing. A few years and dozens of sites built and I haven't seen crashes. Is the software perfect, not at all (I don't think there is any perfect software out there either), but TT does a good job and I like it better than other similar software.

Personally I wouldn't do the entire design in TT (with content), I do a theme design then build the rest in WordPress with plugins for various features/functions required. Haven't had problems with images that are hyperlinked or anything I can see in your list of problems...
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