Is there a way to wrap text on menu buttons in v7?

asked Oct 29, 2017 in Wordpress Themes by pamar (210 points)
When button text is longer, say 2 words, I would like it to wrap within the button.  Some tablet views/widths don't switch to mobile view until a certain threshold so buttons in those views move on top any small image on that menu (regardless of panel size, padding or margins).   Buttons do wrap and move down under the others for a 2-line menu, but because the button background is transparent, it ends up on top the slideshow/header (menu above).  Thus I need a 1-row menu with the text to wrap within a button instead of it becoming 2 rows.  I do have the text smaller on the mobile views but it's not enough.

If I could set the button width perhaps it would wrap but there's only an option to set a fixed height of the menu bar and button width in %.  I didn't see any button width settings.

1 Answer

answered Oct 31, 2017 by lisa-west (27,480 points)

To wrap the menu item text, you can use custom css. Please open a support ticket: and provide your website url in it. Our support team will provide you the required custom CSS.

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