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I am just trying Template Toaster before I buy the license.

This is what I did so far,

1. Exported the template to a wordpress import file

2. Imported the template to wordpress and imported the contents as well.

The problem is that the layout changes.

As you know this is one of the templates of template toaster and as you can see, there are text above (search bar, archives, recent comments, categories, etc) which are not part of the template.

How do I take these out?


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Search bar, Archives, Recent comments, categories, etc are the default widgets which appears on the page by default. Our Developing Team is currently working on this issue we will soon provide you the solution regarding this in future version of TemplateToaster for the time being please follow the steps given below:

Go To WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Drag widgets from CAWidgetArea00 widget area.

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