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I'm adding a box of text to my footer underneath the copyright that contains all of the typical disclaimer stuff.  I have it set where the box is centered, with the text centered within the box. Unfortunately, when I pull it up in a browser and check the fluidity of the responsive design, the text box does not stay centered in the footer, even when I set the font scale smaller for the text for tablet and mobile layouts. It seems to be preserving the correct size of the text box, but it's not keeping it centered as it does the Copyright, the social media icon, and the Designed by Link.  I need it to stay centered no matter what.  I know it has to do with the size of the text box itself and the breakpoints that TT sets in it's responsive designs, but for the life of me I can't get it to work right.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this?  It would be nice if TemplateToaster added the option to include a text disclaimer as it does Copyright and Designed by Link since those work correctly.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

TemplateToaster Provides option to set the height, width or alignment of an element seperately in Tablet, Mobile and Desktop View. Please set the position of TextArea in Mobile View seperately as needed.

by student-donald (1.8k points)
Hey Tim, run your cursor over the text box, in any view port, when the arrow changes to move, left click and hold down. Now move the text box around until the red dashed lines show up. They work opposite of what they should, when both lines are showing you are in the center of the cell. Hope that helps.
by paul6552 (520 points)
Sadly I have the same problem. I have centered the textbox in any (mobile, tablet, Desktop) view, but in the browser it is never centered. I tried also the tip from student-donald but I cannot center it :(
by student-donald (1.8k points)

Hello Tim and Paul, with V7 it does work. Drag the text box around until the red dashed lines appear, you can center the box vertically, horizontally or both.  You need to make the adjustment in all 3 view ports as Lisa stated. Had to do the same with a title in a row with a single cell (column). Have not tried the footer. I am at work now, so I'll check it out this evening. If I'm wrong it will be "oh, cat litter" and reverse engines. surprise blush smiley


by student-donald (1.8k points)
Still works for me, I don't change the text size or the box, I just click and center or hover and drag. Is your text justified to center and is your cell layout within the row, header or footer divided or spaced as you want. Always start with the Desktop view and work down to mobile. I put a text box in the footer and had to adjust the box and position in all 3 views.  When in the footer check the +/- (cells) within a bar, and the width and column setting. Do a "save as" and rename your project and play around. And we have the redo button to back up if you have not saved.  I don't understand how the bars work in the footer so that's my next learning step as I just found that. A new user guide for v7 after bootstrap 4 and tutorials would almost be "priceless".  Chow (Ciao)
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