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I opened my template in the new beta 7 no problem, but when attempting to edit the sidebar menu, there's no option to do so like in 6.  The toolbar comes up blank and I'm not finding another way to edit it.

Then I attempted to open the same template in 6 (latest version) and it won't let me, says I need to update to latest version, which I do, of both 6 and 7.  I was trying to go back into v6 to edit the sidebar menu.  Had I known I would not be able to bring the template back into 6 I wouldn't have edited other items and thus saved in 7.  I do have a backup copy I can revert to for editing back in 6 but I've then lost all the changes I made while in v7.

So, how do I edit sidebar menu in v7 and if I can't, how can a re-open it in v6?

Image attached of v7 with no sidebar menu toolbar.  (And it's not my laptop having a memory issue, etc... it's a top of the line model designed for working with graphics, only a couple of weeks old.)  I have uninstalled both versions and just reinstalled just v7, no 6, and still not able to edit sidebar menu.  It remains blank.

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As TemplateToaster Version 7(beta) is in testing phase right now, our development team is working on the Sidebar Menu tab issue, we will soon provide the solution in the upcoming build of TemplateToaster Version 7. Also you can not open your template in V6 once you have saved that in V7. Please do not save your TemplateToaster version 6 designed templates in V7 until TemplateToaster Version 7 is in testing phase so that you will be able to open those templates in V6.
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When TT7 will finally come? I used beta7 but there have too many problem with several cms, like woocommerce is totally uncomfortable. If I open any cms file except WordPress with TT7 then that theme/template does not export. That's means we are not able to use TT6 template with TT7 right?

Why you does not give us any update for TT7 beta? I can see same version from the be-gaining.
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