in Wordpress Themes by babamonkey (300 points)
i try to use text field hyper-hinks in my footer to place a quick link for Home and Impressum.
The hyper-link settings for the footer does not affect text hyper-links (also not in the header) - they are always arial and black.

Is there a way to insert extra CSS Code to use the same settings (like colour, font type, size and hyperlink colour), like my template is using for the main text area?

I'm not a programmer - only a "clicker" .. so would be nice if you could help me.

Thanks in advance

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please provide your website URL and  also mention the link you want to customize so that we can provide you an appropriate solution.
by babamonkey (300 points)

the URL to the webside is :

I want to modify the "Home - Kontakt - Impressum" in the footer. Its a Text-Field with 3 Hyperlinks.
Would be nice if its possible to use extra CSS Code in the Templatetoaster software, so i don't have to modify the code on the live page.

by lisa-west (35.1k points)
As you are using Text area with Hyperlink, TemplateToaster provides the option to set the style of text area content. To set the style of  hyperlink i.e. 'Home','Kontakt' and 'Impressum' inside text area please follow the given steps:

Go To TemplateToaster -> Select the Hyperlink Home by double clicking on it -> Fonts -> Set the color.
by babamonkey (300 points)
Ok i was able to change the base color of the TextArea Hyperlink to the color i wanted. I made a new TextArea - was not possible with the old one. But the color of the Hyperlink is still not chaning the color if i hover over it. Text Areas in the footer also doesn't seem to be afflected in any way from any footer settings or anywhere else in the project.

BUG REPORT: Just did a new blank project - Footer Hyperlink settings are not working at all .. also not on the "designed by" Links...
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Please open a support ticket with your TemplateToaster project file at the following link our support team will provide you the appropriate solution.
by joseph-roman (100 points)
Was there ever a solution to this? I'm having a similiar problem.
by knox100 (160 points)
I have the same problem. All links (content, footer.. ) are somehow by default in blue color.  You can not change it in Website Typography or elsewhere. You can only change the blue color to another one. But no possibillity for: hoover, visited.
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