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I'm new to building websites and very new to Templet Toaster. I'm going to be building a website for a company that sells luggage. The website will ideally be essentially a catalog. Customers will be able to see the products we offer. However, it will not be an e-commerce site. No products will be sold online.

Any advice on the best theme or even the best approach for a project like this would be truly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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You can design your Luggage Catalog Website in WordPress With Content. In TemplateToaster you can design grid layout where  product catalog can be easily displayed.

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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the info. I do have another quick question. When I start with a new theme I noticed there are two options for word press, word press without content and word press with content. What is the difference between the two of these options?

I have started with templates from both of these options , and I don't notice a difference between them.
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In Case of WordPress, TemplateToaster allows you to generate the styling of the theme that you export from the software. Styling includes Font Styling, Template Styling, Slide Show Styling, etc. While in the case of WordPress With Content you are provided with the additional feature to export the written content with the styling that you have done for your theme. In simpler words, the pages which you can design at WordPress dashboard can be designed inside TemplateToaster WordPress with Content option while designing and will be exported with your theme.The page data got inserted in your website by selecting the import website content option provided on WordPress dashboard after exporting theme. Almost all the work done in the WordPress dashboard can be achieved through WordPress with Content option in TemplateToaster.
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