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I created a page using the Contact Us shortcode/feature in the latest beta of TT. I wrote it as such:

Please use the form below to contact me.


When I view the page it puts the contact form before the "Please use the form below to contact me." text. In other contact pages I've used with a shortcode it puts the text in order. That is, any text before the shortcode goes before the form. Any text below/after the shortcode shows up after the form.

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by pro-zocker (720 points)
I think its because the contact form from TT has it own css style. Provide me ur site, i will check it.

Iam using a plugin called Contact Form 7. Works fine.
by gatorjack (640 points)
I've already contacted support as I've noticed support usually responds within a few hours. As I suspected it was another bug I found. Seems Beta has a few bugs. I've found four thus far. Once they get the bugs stomped out it's going to be awesome.
by james (5.3k points)

We have solved the issue in latest build( Please download the beta version from
by gatorjack (640 points)
Thanks. Working just fine. :D
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