in Wordpress Themes by jenkinsbbg (240 points)
I am starting a blog with the hope of later adding an e-commerce site to it.

What template would be the best choice for this or does it matter?

I want a template that would have a responsive design and be good for search engine optimization.

I know I have to use a shopping cart application for an e-commerce website do any of the TemplateToaster themes have advantages when it comes to something like this?

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by lisa-west (35k points)

Please refer to this link for blog theme
or you can look here  for more blog themes
by jenkinsbbg (240 points)
Thanks Lisa,

But definitely seems to fit the bill. I don't think there is any one theme that would give me exactly what I am looking for. So, the simplex theme seems to be a great place for me to start.
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