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I need to use header tags into pages using "wordpress with content"... I also need to use quotes in these pages.

How can I handle this as I have not found these features yet.

If it does not exist yet, how can I embed CSS in these specific pages ?

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

1) TemplateToaster provides the option to add heading tags in blog page, go to TemplateToaster -> Blog page -> Content -> Post properties -> Heading Type .

2) For blockquotes firstly you have to give styles from TemplateToaster -> Elements -> Block Quotes -> Block Quotes -> Icons.

Then go to Wordpress Admin -> Pages -> Add new page -> Select " this symbol i.e BlockQuotes -> Edit your quote in editor.
by moryason (340 points)

This is not for a blog, this is for a page. I have a text, already written in TTR, and I want to apply the "blockquote" to this text.
When I select it, I can not transform it as a blockquote (even if I have already defined the blockquote style in elements menu). That is the same for a title in the page, I can not transform it as a defined H1, H2 or H6.

How can I proceed ? (I am not in the blog page. I am in an already existing page)
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Sorry, currently this feature is not available.
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