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After finished creating theme for word press with content & view it as a real website, there is a link to template toaster website if clicking on logo & slide show background. How to disable this link or maybe link it to my own url

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by lisa-west (35k points)

1) You can remove link from logo and slideshow images from TemplateToaster -> Slideshow -> Background -> Background -> Images -> More Images ->  Link -> Remove

2) And same for logo link, go to TemplateToaster -> Header -> Logo -> Logo -> More -> Link -> Remove.
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I am building an HTML5 site & the remove link button in slideshow is not working. I can replace the link but not delete completely. if I leave the box blank it returns to Upgraded to & it makes no difference.

I have also noticed that in header images the remove link & templatetoaster link are greyed out & cannot be changed, forcing me to manually change the links in the code.
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