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Hi, I cannot import 8-bit indexed color transparent PNG as background image.
It could be amazing if TT supported that kind of image because of high almost-lossless image compression.

Am I doing something wrong and if not, what about to add this as a feature request?

Another feature request is to make TT create resized copies of pictures depending on the responsive break-points when exporting so that, for example, in large desktop pages logo is displayed in full resolution while on mobile devices it is resized to a smaller, "faster" resolution.

Thank you.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)
We have added this feature in the  latest build( ). You can download the  latest version from
by fdonna (660 points)
Thank you!
What about the second request? Are you going to implement it too?
by fdonna (660 points)
Another question about 8 bit png: TT allows to import that kind of pics to set them, for example, as background image but, when exporting the template, it re-converts them to 24 bit!

I have set backgrounds for Header, Content and Footer using 8bit images (~200 KB each) but when exported, HomeDesktopheader.png, HomeDesktopcontent.png and HomeDesktopfooter.png in templates/templatename/images folder are 24 bit ~600 KB pics.

TT should keep original image format and compression.

by lisa-west (35.1k points)
TemplateToaster provides three responsive modes i.e Desktop, Tablet, and mobile, so you can set different resized images for given three responsive modes
by lisa-west (35.1k points)
Sorry for the inconvenience, TemplateToaster only supports 24bit image. I have forwarded this feature to the development team and soon provide this feature in the future build. Meanwhile, you can replace your image with 8bit image after export in images folder with the same name.
by fdonna (660 points)
Yes, I'm aware of this workaround. But it is not very "comfortable" :-)
Looking forward to have 8bit PNGs fully supported in TT.
Thank you
by fdonna (660 points)
Replying to your <<TemplateToaster provides three responsive modes i.e Desktop, Tablet, and mobile, so you can set different resized images for given three responsive modes>>, as far as I can see, TT does not resize images but just the container.

If I use an 800x200 png logo image in Desktop view and it is... say... 300KB, the same image file (/templates/mytemplate/logo.png)is used (and loaded) in Mobile view, even if it is displayed as 300x75.
That makes mobile devices load a ~300KB heavy image file while I could give TT another image file specifically resized for mobiles with only ~100KB of "weight".

As alternative TT could resize images when the template is exported creating 3 logo files. For example:
- logo.png for desktops (~300KB)
- logo-tablet.png for tablets (~200KB)
- logo-mobile.png for mobiles (~100KB)
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