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When I start a new project and select Joomla as CMS I can select from the list of sample templates.

This list contains templates for Joomla as well as for other CMS. So I can select "PicassoDesign", which is a Wordpress template, even when I selected Joomla as CMS.

The list of sample templates schould be filtered by the selected CMS or at least the templates should have an identifier.

Thank you, cheers,

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by templatetoaster (24.6k points)

Each design can be used for all the CMSs. TemplateToaster automatically converts it according to the CMS selection.

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by michaelkrauth (220 points)
Hm, ok, than I have a problem :)

When I use the PicassoDesign template I see the Wordpress logo in the menubar, where the Joomla logo should be for export.
When I export, the template can't be installed in Joomla, because it's not a Joomla template.
I selected Joomla in the first step …

by student-donald (1.8k points)
Michael, you may want to start a new post/thread, as it seems to be one and done on this forum with no follow up.
by michaelkrauth (220 points)
It's embarrassing, but I got it …
I haven't seen the type selection box :)

But I will open a ticket in issues/bugs as I think, the appropriate template should be preselected.

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