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Is there a way to make a make one page theme no footer

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If you don't want footer, so you can check no footer in TemplateToaster, go to TemplateToaster -> Footer -> Layout -> No Footer.

To create one page theme you need to implement some things after export in Wordpress admin, plesae follow as given steps:

1) Firstly you need to create custom menu links for one page website.
To create custom Menu link go to Wordpress Admin -> Appearance -> Menus -> Custom Links -> Two fields(URL, Link text)
=> For the "Link Text," simply enter the text that you would like to show up in your menu (For example, "About Us").
=> For the URL, we need to link to the ID that we assigned to our section earlier. In this case, we added the i"aboutus" but you can add any ID name that you like.

2)  If you are creating a one-page website, then you don't want your menu links to point to separate pages. This can be accomplished using custom ID's Instead, these links can point to relevant sections on the same page. When clicked, they can take you to the relevant section on the page using a smooth scrolling effect.

3) You can assign an ID to a section by clicking on the section settings icon, and looking for the "CSS ID" setting.Once an ID has been assigned, you can then link to it from the navigation menu.
For example, let's say you have a section called "About Us" and you want it to link to the part of your page that describes your company. Edit the section that contains your About Us content, and enter "aboutus" into the "CSS ID" field and click "Save." Now that an ID has been assigned, we can point a link to it. Since we used the ID "aboutus," we can link to that ID by creating a URL pointing to "/#aboutus"

4) You can use this same method to create as many custom links as you want. Simply enter a URL of "#/" followed by the ID that you want to target.
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Can you add video tutorial ?
so i have help
what i do in TT and others things
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