in Issues/Bugs by joshua121 (140 points)
The program constantly hangs and is always on the verge of locking up, is there anyway to increase the performance of the software? Is anyone else experiencing this?

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by cbeekhuizen (220 points)
Yes, I'm experiencing this too.

BUT: I noticed that there's a huge difference in performance when using a faster (quadcore, Intel i7) in comparison to a Intel i3 or even Intel Celeron pc/laptop. Memory >3GB should be fine. Also working on a SSD makes an impact in comparison to a traditional HDD.
by templatetoaster (24.6k points)
Please try disabling/enabling Hardware Acceleration from File-> Preferences in TemplateToaster
by joshua121 (140 points)
That seems to have helped some, it's still not very responsive and crashes quite a bit. But it's better, thanks.
by justmelat (120 points)
[disabling Hardware Acceleration]. Seems to have made a big difference for me
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