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I just bought templatetoaster it's been 5 days and I am unable to do any thing with it because it don't look like a user friendly software and there is no help available you can call for support

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by student-donald (1.8k points)
Hey IM, this is a very interesting forum for sure. There's not much hand holding here, the user guide is outdated by a version or two and not very detailed. You have to dig around and see what every icon and tab does on your own with the limited resources. Understood you've read thru the user guide a couple of times and watched the videos. You can put a support ticket in and they will respond. You may or may not like the answer though. They must assume that one is used to using a program/editor/code generator like TT. And if you're using WP then you're already a website guru.  Be patient, step away and come back, keep reviewing, check back thru the forum and look thru the change log to see what features have been added that's not in the guide or videos. I'm having to do the same myself. (I've been a CAD designer for 20 years and completed computer repair school in 1974. Yea, I know, that and $.75 will get me cup of "Joe" out of the machine.) Regards - Donald
by caf2z (220 points)
Hi i_mallick, I agree with student-donald's comments, wanted to add some of my own.  The positives for this software are that once you muddle through and figure out how to use it, the problems are much fewer than their biggest competitor Artisteer.  It also supports bootstrap (although it's actually an older version--3.2, I believe).  The HUGE negatives are their lack of decent documentation as to how to actually use it, the learning curve is huge because of this and the fact that most forum questions are answered with "please open a support ticket" and then no follow-through so the person searching forum finds no answer to their own similar issues.  Another HUGE, HUGE negative for me is their slow, unresponsive, support.  When they do answer (usually 3-4 days later), the responses are incomplete/lame, requiring more interaction, and yet another wait time.  I guess they don't care that most of us are actually using this product to make a living,  rather than a blog about our latest hobbies,and that some of the issues are unacceptable for our web clients.  Example: I opened a support ticket about a problem with responsive view in tablets (apple, nexus) which is broken in TT5 and TT6 (although they claimed on another forum ticket that the problem was resolved).  My ticket is still unresolved a week later, no one even responding to simple question about a manual workaround until they "fix in next release".  Personally, I'm thinking of looking into learning to build my own bootstrap templates rather than upgrading to the "next release" because I'm tired of paying for products that don't deliver what they advertise and being treated with disrespect when I ask a question. I really wish their support and documentation was better, the product has great promise.   BTW-I tried to add a testimonial to provide potential buyers with some of this info, jumped through hoops and found no way to do so...LOL.
by joshua121 (140 points)
I just got this a week ago, and I have to say I'm feeling about the same.... like I got rooked. The software has a lot of potential, but it's buggy, unresponsive, seriously lacking in some things that seem like they should be simple. Like the widget layouts, they're so over complicated, and really just don't work like they should. I wish I could just get my money back and delete it.
by organicman (180 points)
I went to TT live chat just now and asked whether I could get up-to-date documentation. The chat person replied: "We are working on TemplateToaster 6 Documentation. It will be available soon." I then asked approximately how soon, and the reply was "Within the week." So it looks like our patience may be rewarded...
by student-donald (1.8k points)
Has it been a week yet? Live chat must have been in a time warp sometime in the future. Maybe something is really wrong with my computer as the 2014 manual keeps coming up. Interesting times here at TT High even with graduation being delayed a day or two. Life is still Good!  Donald
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