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>>>1) Using Textarea option, you can create phone and email at header. Go to TemplateToaster -> Header -> Textarea -> Double click over it to write text.<<<

OK, maybe my question was not clear enough.

If there is a placeholder for phone number or email added in the TemplateToaster for the theme, then when the theme is added in the WordPress Admin, how exactly do you replace in WordPress?  

In other words, like the Facebook button, etc. they are variables and in the ThemeOptions in WordPress you can go and insert the values for the button.  How do I do this for the phone, email, etc.? 

I do not want to bake a number in the theme permanently rather want a place holder for the Theme user to customize.

Is there a way to do this?




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Probably you could create a special widget area at the Header or Footer and name it according to that specific need, ex. telephone, fax etc. then you could place a supporting  widget in that area...:)
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