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Hi! Is there anyway to adjust the text field positions of the contact form to be below the labels. (in TemplateToaster)

Currently it looks like this, the textfields are on the right of the labels.
As it the picture below, i wish to allign the textfields below of the labels. Can this be done?



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To align the textfields below the labels, you can use the following custom css at TemplateToaster -> General -> Editor -> Css

form .form-group .col-sm-8 {

    width: 100%;

by kenneth (640 points)
thank you sarah! I was looking for this.
by seoraghu (180 points)
Eaven I was thinking of how this could be done, and I saw the solution here. I tried to use the same custom css line and pasted on Editor CSS option but nothing happened.

I have 2 column on my contact page, left portion shows the mailing address and right panel has the form.

I am finding it very difficult to locate options aroudn TT, why don't the tool could make it more easier why such hassle when we have paid for the tool?
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