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Hello. I need help with an issue on a website menu.  I built a web theme and uploaded it to WordPress. I changed the color of the menu buttons to a custom color for my theme. I'm using plugins with this theme such as WooCommerce and a WooCommerce compatible plugin called WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery LITE. When I go to shop/ then click on thumb nail of product to go to the product page,  then menu buttons with drop down , They are out of size & the color is not custom color.

I tried adding the page in TT6 to see if it would add the code, but without the plugin plugged to TT6 I still can change it, and the code won't carry over to the menu drop down. I use to know a ode that would fix this, but that was years ago. Perhaps TT6 Should allow plugins for building test?    Any kind of help or suggestions would help.

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If possible, please share the url to your website. As we are unable to generate the issue at our end.
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