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I have tester my website out on a Responsive Website Checker.  It looks great in every view apart from Desktop.


I have checked the Desktop check tab in Template Toaster and it looks fine.  But in some of these online checkers it seems to be out of line on the desktop view.


Can you please advice?


Thanks.  Jaime.

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by sarah (15.2k points)

It would be nice, if possible for you, to attach some screenshots and provide some more details like on which resolution the issue is occurring. Either, please open a ticket at support with the ttr file and screenshot.
by jaimepeterswriter (180 points)
Hi.  I have actually sorted the issue.  Thank you.
by wafula (100 points)
jaimepeterswriter how did you do that
by jaimepeterswriter (180 points)
Hi, there.  Well, what I did was I placed my text in the footer.  Then to align it to my reequirements I simply selected the text.  Click on the text and look at the top left hand side of the menu.  You will see Left and Top.  To the right of that are a series of icons.  By selecting these icons you can arrange the position of your text.  And that is how you position it perfectly for responsive web design.  Also make sure to do the same with the desktop, tablet and mobile tab view.
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