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I must be missing some move to get this done.  Been 5 hours and trying and retrying, to get one font to show up in the actual website.  

I don't see any step by step instructions for using Google Fonts so if i missed that leave a link for me and sorry.

Now I have tried from the General Typography to get the Site Title text changed to a custom font

Also tried to get the top and vertical menus the same font.  The font does not matter as I tried another and that did not import or show on the actual site either.

I have tried from General and then from each specific drop down for these specific texts.

I have checked and unchecked "None" and tried every combination I could think of.

I have deleted the font then reinstalled the font.  I have selected the font and hit Choose and Use and alternatively copied and pasted the font into the box, then clicked the drop down under that and made the one choice . . . "Latin".

Now the font had always showed up in the lists; Google Web Fonts and also the huge dialog box that pops up when I hit "more" and I keep selecting it and saving and exporting and tried this with several different names saves and exports and it never displays on my site.

I looked at it in Chrome and FireFox and even in the three Previews from left drop down menu.  It shows on my TT interface just fine and then never shows in any of the Preview browsers nor the actual site.

I have added 3screenshots below to help understand.  The first two show how I am selecting the font for Site Title then vertical menu and the last one shows that none of them will display on my site. Hopefully someone can figure out what move I am missing to make it display.

Thanks to all!




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Sorry for the inconvenience, we have generated this issue at our end. And very soon provide you the latest build.
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We have solved the issue in latest build( You can download latest version from


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