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Hi, I have quite some problem with images!

I startet TT6 Pro with a Template, changed text to my text and changed images.

Then I uploaded it to an empty wordpress site I prepared, text is showing but the images I replaced arn't there!

Then I checked the saved files on my PC (which I would have thought would contain these new images) only to find out that none of the images had been added to the new project.

Seeing the function to exchange images in TT6 (v6.0.0.8119) is given, I would have thought that SAVING would work too!

What am I doing wrong? I am using Windows10 and as mentioned the latest version of TT6?

P.S. .... even when I press Preview it only shows the images that are built in and not the actual new template with new images!

Hope someone can help me! Thanks!

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by sarah (15.2k points)

To analyze the issue, it would require your ttr file, exported zip folder and url of your website. So, please open a ticket at support with the requested files.
by stefan (120 points)
I don't quite get the sence of me sending you the ttr file, then this is simply any ttr file of yours. BUT in the meantime I have read through quite a lot here and have tried to simply use TT to construct a HTML5 Site, in this status it takes all images and replaces just as I like the programm to do, so this part would be solved ....BUT, why doesn't this work for WORD PRESS? My url are pure test url's so they can change their content as I keep on experimenting.
It is also clear to me that IN Wordpress I can then exchange the text and images, but have to say that this is very difficult to get it exactly right. If I replace the image IN wordpress it screws up the site, once this happens it is very difficult to getting it back to showing properly .... Here my example .... the third image has strange text in a textbox above the image. What I did was simply mark the already existing image (meaning to replace with my new image) and choosing a new image ... THIS DOES NOT WORK :-) I now know! ... You have to delete and then add a new image for it to work ..... And this is where my Question startet off. If it would exchange the images correctly while working in TT it would be so simple to just upload the new working template (which I thought TT does). TT does do this (I know) but as it seems only correctly in HTML5 working modus. ... So I thought I was clever ... constructed it in HTML5 and simply switched bach to Wordpress :-) ... and YES, .... better bsaid no ... this does not do the job either, it destroys what it looked like completly, so this was no solution either. What remains, (not exactly what I was looking for) is use the programm to only construct HTML websites, but if this is the case, then I can't understand what the modus Wordpress, Joomla etc. is supposed to be good for? .... So, once again, is this as I discribe or am I not finding the right way around this?
by sarah (15.2k points)

We have generated these issue's at our end. And very soon provide you the latest build.
by stefan (120 points)
I will send you my latest issue with "ttr" file and screen shots over the support. I at my end am learning and have found out that if I create a site from scratch it works "quite" well. BUT .... well, I'll say the rest over support :-)
by templatetoaster (24.6k points)

We have solved the issue in latest build( You can download latest version from


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