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We are happy to announce TemplateToaster 6.0. You can download it from .

Following is list of new features and improvements:


  • WordPress content editing: Now you can design WordPress content in TemplateToaster.
  • WordPress Editor: A new editor is added to edit pages from WordPress admin.
  • Sticky Menu
  • Menu inside Slideshow
  • Sticky Footer
  • Fit to screen Header and Slideshow: An option to fit Header & Slideshow height according to screen height.
  • Contact us Form
  • Google and Custom fonts in editor
  • Font styles based on font file(ttf): Now you can add multiple ttf files for different styles of font.
  • Social media icons in Header
  • Logo option in Slideshow
  • Custom gradient save option
  • New page management UI
  • Alignment option for images & text areas
  • Improved User Interface


New version

Download link:

Solved export issue and other crash issues.


New version

Download link:

6 Answers

It Wont export to joomla why?
I found it.
Previous versions template wont export in 6 please fix it.
Themes are not exported, which were created in earlier versions of the program. why?
by micael_ferreira (100 points)
If is a zero template made in tt6 whitout changes export working .if i try select a template sample and then try to export wont work. If i made a custom template export wont work either.
by micael_ferreira (100 points)
I have tested on  diferent computers and problems persist one windows 7 another with windows 8.1.
The PC with 8.1 is a windows zero installation i had test export defaults templates and no export sucess so the problem is in the program itself.
As i said before if you tried a zero template you can export with sucess , but if you some aditions you cant. Thank you for your suport.
by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
We have solved the issue in latest build. You can download it from
by micael_ferreira (100 points)
Thank you. I will try . then i will vive feedback.
by pitufa_rm (400 points)
Hello everyone. I'm testing the new version ( With Windows 8.1, I still have not tried another version of Windows. When you load some options it takes too long, while the program crashes. with the previous version had not had any problems. If I choose the version of WordPress that can be edited, changing templates (from home to blog), the program sometimes to crash and freezes

Does it happen to someone else?

In the previous beta version when I upgraded, the process is not over. I do not upgrade. Download the latest version ( and reinstall.

No if this problem is my problem or the updater fails, I happened with previous versions.

When I use the version in Spanish, some messages and warnings are in English.

Using an AMD A6 with 12 gigabytes of RAM and Windows 8.1 x64

by james (5.3k points)
1. Template crashes and freezes : Please try to update your video drivers. If still, problem arises than contact us back.
2. Issue of upgrade button : It will be solved in our next version of TemplateToaster.
3. Language translation issue : We are working on this issue, soon it will be resolved and given to you.
by pitufa_rm (400 points)
I have updated the drivers for the video card.
The beta version worked well.
I have problems with the version
I'll do some tests and I comment.

by jason41 (380 points)
Problem with Footer widgets.

1. They do not appear in the TT design area, but did appear after export in the theme.

2. If you put any widgets into the footer widget areas, they align on top of each other, not side by side, and they appear with a ~TT under each widget.
by james (5.3k points)
We have produced this issue at our end and soon the solution will be given to you.
by jason41 (380 points)
Hoping it's soon! I was loving TT6, and was working on a design for a site, would suck to have to go and remake it in TT5 without the new features.
by lisa-west (35.1k points)

TemplateToaster provides the option to resize the copyright text and the social media icons for making them responsive. You can resize the copyright text and social media icons for each view separately, for this all three tabs Desktop/Tablet/Mobile are available at bottom left corner in TemplateToaster. You can resize the copyright text for tablet mode, At TemplateToaster -> Click on tablet mode -> Click on the copyright text -> Format tab will open -> Set the font size accordingly.
You can change the position of the social media icons for tablet mode, At TemplateToaster -> Click on tablet mode -> Click on the social media icon -> Drag and drop accordingly.

Do the same for mobile mode.
by jason41 (380 points)
Any update for the Footer widget issues??
by jason41 (380 points)
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Seriously, you guys need to get your shit together.

Previously when I installed TT6, it made my TT5 stop exporting the style.css file when you export a theme. I re-installed TT5 and it went back to working normally.

Now, I just tried installing the latest TT6, and it's wiped out all my TT license info for TT5 and 6 both. Tried re-installing TT5 to see if it would go back to normal but no luck, tried re-inputting my license key and it says the key is not valid for the product installed!! Now I find out my license was expired a week ago but no notice was ever sent, and I do run the email server so I've checked the logs, nothing from you was sent to me (wasn't rejected or greylisted either).
by sarah (15.2k points)

The style.css issue has resolved and would try to provide it in the next build of TemplateToaster V6. For License info, please refer to your Ticket #684928
by lifeok (1.4k points)
Need HTML Editor 4 editor tab
Interested in localizing/Translating TemplateToaster Software in your native language in exchange of a Pro License ? Contact Us