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Hello, 1st sorry for my bad english ...

I got several requests and also a bug report.


In one of the "other" template creators available, you are able to set fixed menu / bars or whatevery you want and its not needed to edit or set anything in CSS. (Fix on Scroll - Based on Bootstrap Affix) - that would be a absolut killer feature to get this in Template Toaster.
Also for this option it would be great to be able to set the Z-Index for objects.
I want to create something like that :  with the fixed menu changing color which is possible in another template creator. For my part i will use a slider under the header and the menu and when i scroll up, only a small bar with the logo and the menu will stay up with a black background.

I noticed its only possible to set the table position inside the page with CSS.
Like if i want the Table always in the center of my page. Would also be nice to have it as an option in TT.

The backend in Wordpress for TT is in english, would also be nice to get it in german or whatever local language you need.

Bug reports:

There is a bug in the graphic editor already for a long time. If you want to crop a graphic and try to move or resize the marking square, it runs wild .. i'm not able to resize or move it where i want to - so .. fix or just remove the crop function.

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All the requests have forwarded it to the development team. If it seems feasible, we will try to provide it in the future release of the TemplateToaster.
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