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Some of our users have reported few Translation/Localization errors in some non English Languages.

We are attaching the original English language strings file here. If you see some translation errors and are willing to help us improve the localization for your language just download it from this thread, and post the corrected translated file again. We'll include it in next TemplateToaster update.

Replaced of 08 February 2015


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Here is the Finnish translation. It would be great if you could include it to the next update. It might not be perfect, because some of the phrases were a bit difficult to translate without the context, but it is a fair start...
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Hello HID,

Thanks for the TemplateToaster translation.

Sorry for replying very late, actually we were working on improving the localization strings. Since we have improved/changed many strings after your last posting can you please recheck your translation against the attached latest Excel file(We replaced the Excel file in above post with the latest one).
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When will the Polish language.
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When will the Polish language.

Polish Language is available in TemplateToaster from v4.2
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Here is the Turkish translation.
Best wishes
Yusuf Kaynar

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Does anyone have a Swedish translation?

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